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Knowledgeable Expertise

John M. Costable, MD,  a Board Certified specialist in Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases with more than 20 years of experience, is excited to help you  achieve your weight loss goals and guide you along the road to better health.


Individualized Plans

We help  develop a unique, comprehensive plan customized to your individual needs to give you the best chance at successful, long term weight loss. There is no secret to weight loss. The formula consists of taking in fewer calories by changing how you eat and burning more calories by increasing your activity.   


Eliminating the obstacles to a healthier weight

Many factors combine to derail our efforts at successful, sustained weight loss. We will work together to help eliminate those barriers with a combination of nutrition education, meal planning, behavioral modification and support, and realistic activity planning.  For some, the addition of FDA approved weight loss medications and/or non-surgical gastric balloons can help overcome the most common barriers to weight loss and help you achieve long-lasting success. 


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